Before now if you didn’t have excellent credit your only option may have been to finance and older, high mileage vehicle. True Lease has changed all that. Get a cleaner, lower mileage vehicle for the same payment as a high mileage vehicle. The total cost may be much less. Lower mileage usually equals less frequent repair bills.

Lease optionsAt the end of the paid agreement you will owe us nothing yet have 4 great options.

  1. Trade the vehicle. Any equity is 100% yours.
  2. Sell the vehicle. If it is sold for more than the residual value you keep 100% of the profit.
  3. Payoff the balance with cash or re-finance with us. The vehicle will be retitled in your name. You now have ownership.
  4. Return the car to us and meet any final contract terms.

Our leasing program allows you a guaranteed purchase price up front. And if your payments are made on-time we can guarantee you financing should you decide to complete the purchase.

Don’t drive high mileage vehicles without talking to us first.

Coconut Point Finance is all about Stress Free Financing and helping you Improve Your Credit Score while getting you into that vehicle you’ve been dreaming about! 
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