Have you ever wondered how you can make some real money in subprime?

Get started in Buy Here Pay There and reap the some fantastic financial rewards.

There are 3 reasons why you are not already in this business.

1) Capital. It takes money to make money.
2) Collections. You have enough to do already. You don’t need to spend your days on the phone chasing your money.
3) Regulations and Licensing. You don’t need to learn banking laws, collections laws, the fair debt collection act. Etc.


We are now offering a turnkey solution to get you started. We provide the capital, the collections and all of the paperwork needed. You build a profitable portfolio.

Steps are easy:

1) Sell a car! It all starts with the sale.

2) Is it a good customer and good car? Put the note in your OWN portfolio. Haven’t Westlake, CAC and the other banks made enough money off you already? (It if is NOT a good deal you know who to call….)

3) You can borrow against your note on day 1 from us. Use our money instead of yours.

4) Start collecting the profits. We send you detail reports and a CHECK for every account you are owed for each month. You get 100% of the principal and 100% of the interest.

5) Cash out. Once you have a ‘book’ up and running you can cash out all or part at any time. If you don’t want to sell your notes you can always borrow against your book. Use the money to buy inventory, pay down floor plan, expand your building, marketing or take a vacation.

1) Prepare the loan paperwork for you – FREE
2) Collect the note – FREE
3) Loan servicing – FREE
4) Report the customer to the credit bureau – FREE

How do we earn our money? By lending you our money or buying your notes in the future.

The bottom line.

Finance company’s earn an average of over $3,000 per deal. Isn’t it time you get a piece of that?

Want to get started? Call David Renaud at 850-325-0290.



David Renaud
Coconut Point Finance